IIT Kharagpur Students Develop AI App for Elderly Care

Students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur have created two interconnected android smartphone apps to promote geriatric care by helping caregivers reach the elderly on time, an official said Monday.

The ‘CARE4U’ app, created by a 2nd-year B.Tech interdisciplinary team of students, connects the caregiver with the elderly. While one of these applications will be mounted on the elderly’s devices, the other will be connected to the caregiver’s smartphone.

“In the app installed on the elderly’s mobile, the neural network-based drop detection algorithm can identify whether the elderly has fallen down. If a fall occurs, it automatically calls the caregiver and emergency services with the person’s place,” said a declaration.

The other characteristics include detecting emotion by taking a picture and calculating the index of mood. The team has developed a cognitive intelligent chatbot for the elderly to engage with to make this feature more effective.

In addition, the app can also do other operations such as calling, sending a message, booking a taxi, etc. It also includes a medical history record, an allergy account, an SOS button, real-time location monitoring.

The ‘CARE4U’ app includes a ‘Medicine Reminder’ feature to remind both the elderly and caregiverat the time of taking the medicine.

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