Tips to Customize the Practice Fusion EHR – Part 3

More than 50 percent of practices have started customizing generic Electronic Health Record (EHR) templates according to Medical Economics. Customizing your EHR system can improve functionality and help a practice run more smoothly, and it allows for data and information to be more accurate and legible. The entire system that makes up your practice gets more productive and more eager to perform when you mould the EHR to accommodate your staff. The process of recording this information influences efficiency in the work progress as well as health outcomes for patients. Customization can be a daunting task but it is simple once broken down into these seven elements tailored to the Practice Fusion EHR:

Patient List Default

Locate the “Settings” option in the top-right corner of the HER to change patient list default. Find and click “Patient list default”; it’s most likely under “Charting” then choose among “Summary,” “Timeline,” or “Profile.” To save your progress press “Done”.

Default Timeline View

Go back into “Settings” to change the timeline tab and under “Charting,” find and click “Timeline default.” Select the default data you want among encounters, referrals, lab orders, and the other options listed. To save your progress click “Done”.

Keep watching this space to get more tips on how to customize the practice fusion EHR.

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