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Future is here: Now stem cell is a rescue for orthopedic patients

Participation in activities is a part of holistic development of an individual, which has now become an integral aspect of our lives. Similarly, increasing awareness and facilities (fitness centers/gym) to maintain a healthy body is also being noticed. The widespread rise in sporting opportunities and fitness activities is also being accompanied by a rise in the incidence of sports related injuries such as sprains, ligament, cartilage tears etc., to name a few.

Adult Stem Cell

Interventional orthopedics-A new field is a boon to arthritis patients who are starting to show degeneration in joints. Until recently there was no solution to these patients, but with the invention of this new field a patient could avoid surgery or joint replacements.

New field of Interventional orthopedics  is pioneered by Dr. Venkatesh Movva and the group of physicians at Regenexx. More than 60,000 patients around the world have successfully avoided surgery. This evolution in the field of orthopedics is seeing success around the world with projections showing majority percentage of patients being treated non-surgically and avoid surgeries by 2030.

Ortho-biologics have been game changer for patients suffering from ACL tears, labral tears, cartilage defects and avascular necrosis, which are barely cured in surgical orthopedics and also osteoarthritis patients. Benefit of these technologies are many, there is no down time for patient, walk-in walk-out procedure and patients will be able to preserve their own tissue structure, as against the conventional orthopedic surgeries.

Dr. Venkatesh Movva,  MD sports medicne “We need therapies that will regenerate damaged or lost tissues.By using own biologics combined with imaging technology, we are able to achieve that goal. At Regenexx we believes in the power of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Based Therapy which harness the innate healing potential of the body to address the root cause of conditions.”

“Since we brought Regenexx technology to India, we have treated over 400 patients out of which more than 70 are from Mumbai and patients from around the world too are traveling to our centers to get our treatment. We are proud that we were successful in helping more than 95% of our patients avoid surgery.”

Preventing a sports injury is not always possible, however precaution such as warm up and gentle muscle stretching should be done before starting a workout. This increases blood flow to muscles and tissues thereby possibly decreasing chance of injury. However, in conditions where a fracture or tear has already occurred immediate attention is mandatory to limit the extent of injury.” Added Dr. Movva

Sports injuries benefit immensely from cell based therapies. Autlogous mesenchymal stem cells are multifaceted. They are capable of self renewal and differentiation. These cells are also known as ‘guardians of inflammation’ as they modulate/regulate inflammatory processes in the body. Thus, any form of inflammation and resultant tissue damage that occurs can be treated with these cells.

The therapy involves injecting cells into affected areas, thus no invasive surgical procedure is done. This ensures that the recovery period is minimal and quality of life of the affected individual is not hampered. In addition, we are achieving natural regeneration of tissues, thus the therapy is safe and effective in the long run.”  Concluded Dr. Movva

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