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This is the time of the year when academic sessioncomes to an end, and students and parents start feeling the exam pressure. Due to the increasing competition, students are under thestress to give their best in their exams, however this sometimes boomerangs in terms of ill-effect on health. Here are some easy ways that can help your kid to say bye-bye to the exam stress:

Sensible Nutrition: While an odd treat here and there is a good study reward, overloading on sugar or salt will only leave your child feeling flat.A proper nutritious diet will not only boost your child’s energy levels but also the immune system and sharpen the mind. Includenuts, omega 3 rich food, fish, and green-vegetables to boost your child’s brain power.


BuddyStudy: Studying with friends offers an opportunity to take a break and socialise while remaining productive. In fact, you may find that your kids work more efficiently when they have their group-mates to motivate them, and help them work through difficult concepts and subject matter.

Small Segment Study: The best way is to study for an hour and take a 10 – 15 minutes break. Make your kids go out for a short walk in the garden, or make them a cup of hot chocolate. Encourage them to use mind maps and other aids to assist memory and organize thoughts.

Relaxation Strategy:Inculcate a habit of daily exercise, or practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities to clear their mental clutter.

Before Bed Time: Set a daily routine for bedtime and waking up. Give them warm milk before they go to sleep. You can also play gentle and soft music to swing their mood towards calmness.

Family Time: Parents should encourage their wards to spend some quality time with the family members. Allow them to eat meals with family, help at home, and not spend all the time in their study room.

Before the kids leave for exam, wish them the best and tell them you love them, and not worry about the results.

The article has been contributed by Ms. Kanchan Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus.

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