IoT – How it can transform medical industry

IoT has numerous applications in the medical industry. It has found its way right from patient devices all the way up to supply chain management for equipment and pharmaceuticals. IoT has the potential to change the medical industry from the ground up. However, the nature of that change is yet to be determined.

Iot medical devices

Cloud data and predictive analysis will see a boom thanks to medical IoT. Medical devices collect massive amounts of information every single day and much of this information is unsorted. This leaves a vast amount of potential research data relatively untapped. Through the use of predictive analytics, IoT devices allow this information to be collected, sorted and turned into useful predictions. The US spends more than $30 billion every year on managing heart failure. The use of predictive analytics to discover at-risk patients could potentially save both lives and money.

Medical IoT will also provide assistance and improved care to the patients. There are already a variety of IoT medical devices being used around the country. This includes blood glucose monitoring for diabetes patients, “smart beds” that detect when a patient is trying to change position or leave their bed etc. There are also smart pills being used that monitor health problem. RFID-equipped pill bottles, which track when a patient takes their medication and sends reminders if a dose is missed and remote monitoring for patients who have left the hospital but still require care are also a part of the IoT device club.

Apart from this, there are many more devices about to hit the market that rely on IoT technology. They will provide the best care for the patients who utilize them.

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