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Finnish Health Care Technology company HCS enters Indian Market

Leading Health Care Technology company of Finland Health Care Success(HCS), has joined hands with Immpetus Enterprises LLP, India to launch a wide range of precise and accurate fitness wearables (fitness bands) in the country under the brand name “Tango”.As part of its portfolio Tango offers wellness motivators and heart rate monitor products which assure highquality standards, precision and accuracy, cutting edge technology and customer friendly products worldwide.finland-health-care-success

The promoters of HCS, are also known for inventing world’s first wireless heart monitor, they have used state-of-the-art motion sensor technology for developing Tango products which provides accurate monitoring in the smallest form factor possible.  All devices comply with CE standards and have undergone stringent technology tests, real time user experience reports and quality checkups.

HCS International CEO Jari Raglund said about the Tango’s launch in Indian market “we are delighted to launch Tango products in Indian market. We have seen an exponential growth in the market of wellness motivators, heart rate monitoring devices and mobile point of care solutions in the last five years and we believe this pattern will continue and fitness consciousness grows among people. Entry in Indian market will take the brand Tango to new heights. Our main focus is to educate the people and influence them to be fit and follow healthy lifestyle and to offer them best quality and user friendly products at an ideal price”.

HCS Global Business Development Head Rishi Kamal adds “Data from International Data Corporation for third quarter of 2016 has shown that despite the smartwatch market not faring so well, the overall wearables market grew by 3.1% year over year, with basic wearables, primarily fitness trackers, experiencing double-digit growth and accounting for 85% of  the market.”

The IDC put this growth down in part to the simple, easy-to-use features of fitness trackers, as well as fashionable designs which allow users to wear them every day, blended seamlessly with their own existing accessories and style.

Immpetus enterprise India Head Bharat Nanda said, “The collaboration with HCS will give a chance to increasingly fitness conscious Indians to avail the best and latest technology in fitness gadgets and experience the innovation which Tango is offering worldwide. We can assure of real high quality and technologically superior products, more so as they are being offered by a reputed European company , which makes sure their products undergo stringent quality checks before they make their way to the market. There are many affordable products available in the market but when you use them the results they provide are not accurate. Then there are other brands which are highly expensive and are beyond the reach of normal customers. We feel that with these latest devices from Tango, we would be able to fill this gap and get good customers response”.

This tie up targets young urban population in India and would reach out to this audience through an aggressive marketing campaign. The company plans to be a leader in Indian market in Fitness monitor and Fitness gadget business with a varied range of highly innovative and quality products.

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