Lincoln Pharma develops new NDDS formulation in India

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Limited, engaged in manufacturing of Pharma products like Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Syrups, Ointments etc. at its state of art, fully automated,  ultramodern,  WHO-GMP standards and IS0-9001 certified manufacturing activities near

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Limited is glad to inform that our R&D department has developed Ondansetron Oral Spray (Domi Up). Domi Up Spray is NDDS (Novel Drug Delivery System) formulation.

Presently the Ondansetron formulation is available in the form of Tablet, Syrup and Injectable. Lincoln Pharma has developed Ondansetron as Oral spray as First Time in India. This formulation is available in U.S. market only. Lincoln Pharma has done the Bio-Equivalent Study for Ondansetron Oral Spray and got the DCGI permission. Lincoln Pharma has launched Ondansetron  Spray in Indian Market.

Lincoln Pharma has launched Ondansetron Oral Spray in the dosage form of 0.2 ml equivalent to 2 mg and 0.4 ml equivalent to 4 mg.

All India level the Anti-emetic drug market is Rs. 678 Crore and Ondansetron is one of the anti-emetic drug and all over India market is Rs.303 Crore. Therefore, Ondansetron Spray is having very good market opportunity.

Ondansetron Spray is more helpful during travelling motion sickness.  Its major use is in Oncology patient, when the Chemotherapy drug is given, Ondansetron Spray is having very good result. It is also used in Gynaecology patient during the pregnancy. Ondansetron Spray is also used in all types of Surgeries like ENT, Neurological, Cardiac, etc. Ondansetron Spray is having fast drug delivery as compared to Tablet and Syrup. So Ondansetron Spray is having more advantages for patients.

Lincoln Pharma has got very good opportunity to get good market share out of Rs.678 Crore. So, within 2/3 years the Company will make good milestone in the Anti-emetic Market by this Ondansetron Oral Spray.

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