Practo Brings India’s brightest healthcare leaders under one roof

Practo, the world’s leading healthcare platform hosted India’s largest annual conglomeration of thought leaders in healthcare, Loop to get valuable insights on ‘Advancing Healthcare through Technology’.

Today, technology is yet to be leveraged by the healthcare sector to unleash its full potential to work towards a healthier world. Issues practo-annual-conglomerationsuch as healthcare infrastructure, high disease burden, affordability and lack of awareness still plague the nation and technology can play a crucial role in effectively solving these issues. Loop was an effort towards facilitating conversations among visionary healthcare professionals, CXO’s, doctors and tech entrepreneurs.

Some of the key discussions at Loop revolved around ‘creating a successful tele-health network’, ‘bridging the gap between payers and providers’, medical regulations to name a few.

“I am really pleased to bring Loop to New Delhi, it’s amazing to see how healthcare providers across the nation are embracing technology and together we are unfolding a new chapter in healthcare by addressing some of the most crucial issues that we face today. I believe that Practo in collaboration with other healthcare stakeholders including hospitals, pharma and insurance will be able to solve the healthcare problem and give patients a chance to a healthier and longer life.”- Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.

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