Curofy is now ready with latest edition of its students’ program

Curofy, the largest community of verified doctors is now ready with the latest edition of its students’ program, Curofy Campus Ambassador Program. The program was introduced with an aim of empowering the future doctors of the country.

It focused on the motto that Curofy believes in for its doctors – making the life of the doctors more efficient everyday by fulfilling their continual need as well as their impulsive needs. And this is where Curofy differed from other campus ambassador programs which are mostly extensions of marketing plans. For Curofy, the curofycampus ambassador program is rather an indispensable part of their content strategy.

Last year, Curofy enrolled 120 students from all over the country from 50 different colleges, out of which only top 25 students graduated from the program after a rigorous training. Students from colleges like AIIMS, KMC, UCMS, LHMC and SMS participated in the program. The program featured competitions like article writing, building guidelines and even interview their teachers. This was a real life experience that Curofy wanted to impart among the students to introduce to the world beyond their medical schools.

This year Curofy has enrolled 50 students from 40 different colleges in the country. This year the process was more rigorous than last year to enroll leaders who, after the program can be leaders in the community and act as mentors for students. Curofy believes that students need guidance and mentorship right from college itself. Right from preparation for their post graduation to personal advice, being connected to seniors and mentors go a long way in making their lives that much easier.

This year the campus ambassadors will also have the privilege of attending coveted conferences as a part of the Curofy Campus Ambassador program. The students will also get to interact with popular teachers like Dr. Chintamani, Dr. Sumer Sethi, Dr. Gobind Rai Garg, Dr. Ila Jain and Dr Rohan himself. These doctors will guide the students towards building a better career as a doctor.

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