Education Technology (https://techplusmedia.com/educationis a Digital Initiative that focuses on technologies that help enhance education and skills development sector.

Today the play of technology in the education and skill development sector is rapidly increasing – helping enhance skill sets through advanced courses and cross skill programs. Increasingly robust and relevant technologies are enabling sustained transformations and efficiencies across organizations and institutions through agile systems that boost Learning and Skill Development. Education technology has now emerged as the biggest support for the communities of skilled resources, adding huge value to the process of skill development, while meeting the requirements of institutions and organizations that seek skilled manpower.

With the objective of Empowering Learning through Technology, Education Technology has been the forefront of heralding Digital Learning and ICT based e – Learning systems that deliver the perfect basket of Online Education solutions.

Education Technology Portal aims to facilitate a pan -India network of state-of-the-art technical and non-technical skill development Institutions that helps set up world class employability yardsticks. This will enable Indian enterprises achieve the best possible skills standards, giving them a clear cutting edge in the global markets.

Education Technology is a Brand under Techplus Media House, New Delhi, a B2B Media Solutions Company which gives a single window to Track, Monitor, Manage and Analyze the Campaigns. Our integrated and easy-to-use solutions can put your Demand Generation program in the fast lane

“The mission of education.cxotv.news is To bring innovative academics and industrial experts to a common forum in order to facilitate constructive dialogues based on theoretical concepts and practical ideas in the field of Advanced Computer Science, Communication and Automation.”

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