Workplace Digitizes Education, Courtesy Adosphere

Abhijit Sonagara, Founder, Adosphere elaborates on the benefits offered by Workplace in the education space

What are the education technology trends and their use cases in making education rights equal for all?

Right to Education for all is one great policy that we have in our country. Up until now, the idea of providing equal opportunity was about having access to physical infrastructure and other related services. But since COVID, things have changed. Physical infrastructure is not a top priority anymore. The first priority now is access to Internet, access to platforms and tools to receive education and this need has revolutionised the complete education industry in last six months. We have seen emerging ed-tech companies delivering education through independent platforms with the help of 3D animation, AR/VR etc. But the true innovations have come from public schools and NGOs using, existing social media platforms. The Gujarat government is delivering education to more than 50,000 students using Facebook groups. Whatsapp has also been one major delivery mechanism in this time. I think widely popular free platforms are great way to ensure education for all.

How is Adosphere leveraging frontier technologies especially during these difficult times?

At Adosphere, we identify ourselves as a digital transformation company. Digital transformation is a big word but we focus on grassroots. We combine technology with our communication strategies to mobilize people online. Technology is a great bridge for information to travel across demographies and we are using that bridge in full potential. We are working on some of those interesting projects which are enabling grassroot change. Majority of our projects focuses on rural India or rural audience, especially during these difficult times. The platforms we have created to connect governments, brands and organisations have become a single source communication channel in the absence of any physical transaction or conversations.

How Adosphere helped the teaching fraternity in upskilling and adopting technologies?

Working with teachers from across the state in Gujarat has been one of the most amazing experience that we ever had. First we identified the problem – Government used to run fantastic programs and training modules but delivery was only through BISAG – satellite channel. This system has lot of limitations. Teachers had to travel at nearby centre where they would get access to this channel. There is no automated process to track training delivery. It was one way delivery. There was no platform for teachers to discuss ideas post training. Government could not receive feedbacks easily. So, we needed a platform that could solve all these problems.

We found that Workplace from Facebook was the right fit for it. Having a similar user interface like Facebook made technology adoption very easy. It has both desktop and mobile app version, so teachers did not have to travel. They could watch the training from anywhere, anytime. We could track the training delivery and receive feedback during live training as well as post training. And Workplace is a great platform for collaboration and communication so it provided teachers with an environment to foster their curiosity post training. We have had 50-60,000 teachers watching live trainings on the go.

How can the skill gap be reduced in India through Workplace and what initiatives Adosphere has taken in this area?

Workplace from Facebook is a great tool for communication and collaboration. It has lot of great features like Knowledge, library, Learning Modules, Live Broadcasting, Hosting Question Answer sessions which are key to great online delivery of training. It is packed with right set of tools, one would require for training. We have seen trends in India, where internet usage in rural area is increasing multifold and rural, semi urban audience is becoming more dynamic in consuming content online. In this scenario WORKPLACE becomes a right fit for upskilling the youth of the country. Not just Gujarat government but many other big corporates are using this platform to train their diskless employees. Workplace has this great version – Frontline – which allows any organisation to connect with their frontline workers – who might not have a dedicated email address or desktop.

Can you elaborate on your business plans for the upcoming fiscal year?

So, we have two very clear goals:

We are on our way to achieve 20 Million plus online actions taken through our digital transformation campaigns. That means changing or enhancing those many lives through igniting change in their online behavior.

We are aiming to transform at least 100 companies into communities through Workplace from Facebook. That means enhancing employee experience of more than 50,000 people across these companies.

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