COVID19 and After: Automating Education by Admission24

Abhinav Sekhri, CEO & Founder, Admission24 holds a strong vision to become a one-stop solution for every educational requirement of a parent, children, teacher, colleges, universities,

Launched in 2019, Admission24 is an education platform that offers information and knowledge pertaining to all educational and career needs. Abhinav Sekhri, CEO & Founder, Admission24 holds a strong vision to become a one-stop solution for every educational requirement of a parent, children, teacher, colleges, universities, with the focus of delivering ease and convenience through digital transformation especially in the post COVID19 situation. He elaborates on his plans during this discussion.

What are the solutions and services offered by Admission24?

Our product is basically divided into 2 major subcategories. The first is the Student-Parent App that enables a user to deep dive and finds information on11436+ Colleges, 818+ Universities, 16674+ Schools, 8083+ Playschools, 1736+ Competitive Examinations, 531+ Government Examinations and 4200+ Sample Papers. 

 The second is a Partner/Client App. This helps partners with client dashboard access that enables them to manage the following tasks.

  • Update and edit all the information about their respective institutes on their microsite
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Talk about their USPs
  • Update their upcoming events and activities
  • Link their live Google reviews and Location Feed
  • Track their microsite’s daily analytics
  • View and review their enquiries etc.

 How are your solutions helping schools move from offline to online during this COVID19 crisis?

We are providing the complete automation process for educational institutions. We digitally transform all key functional services provided by any educational institutions like fees payment, admission inquiries, purchasing books and study material, Virtual Home Work Assignment interaction with top management/teachers to ensure quality, etc. to offer the most reliable and convenient experience for parents as well as students.

 Also, we are launching our live virtual classes for students and educators, as schools and educational institutions, closes across the globe due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

 What are the challenges in adopting this online mode of education, especially in replicating the offline model?

Started from riots to coronavirus to any war-like situation, educational institutions need to be prepared to keep on providing quality education without any halt. These situations bring great pressure on both premium as well as mid-level educational institutions, to seamlessly transit into the digitalization of traditional schooling methods.

During this transition, the main challenge will be affordability, especially for mid-level schools and colleges. This is where our solutions will play a pivotal role. We intend to enable digital transformation for those educational institutions that lack the required finances for developing exceptional online learning method with our agile solutions that are affordable in nature.

How are you offering this solution to schools now? What are the business and operating models?

During this critical situation we are providing Live Online Classes for students on behalf of schools where they can mark Attendance of students and simultaneously students can face stamp their attendance. Asking doubts will be one feature of the service which we have enabled for students. Also, after the session ends, students can revise their respective taught topics for the next 24 hrs.

It is one of our peculiar services and thus the business model will be revealed shortly. It is a little early to tell.

In case the crisis persists or gets escalated, how is your solution geared up to support the online model for a longer time?

 Yes, this is a fact that this feature has been implemented during COVID-19 scenario but it was never meant to tackle only this situation. The online live classes will continue even after the lockdowns are over and schools/institutions start their functions smoothly.

Parents and students shall be assured that we are acting as a facilitator for schools who want to continuously educate their students and also as a medium to enable students with the process of continuous learning.

Who all are the schools using your solutions?

In the last 2 weeks, we have tied up with more than 100 educational institutions that are using the complete basket of services by Admission24 amidst the COVID19. Some of the names are:

1.       Cambridge International Schools

2.       Doon International Schools

3.       CT Public Schools

4.       St. Soldier Schools

5.       Bachpan Play Schools

6.       St. Soldier Group of Colleges

7.       VMS Group of Colleges

8.       The I-Schools chain

9.       NEST Kindergarten Play Schools etc.

Apart from the above, there are 3000+ institutions who have subscribed for a limited bucket of services enabling them in the automated process of some or all of their operations. 

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