Steps to change Medical Education to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Dr. Avinash Supe, Director Surgery, Hinduja Hospital

Dr. Avinash Supe, Director Surgery, Hinduja Hospital

Over a period of time, medical education has been regulated by Medical Council and now by NMC. However, it has been mainly cognitive that is based on MCQs and knowledge. We need to change the whole structure of medical education towards skills and attitude and behaviour. That means we have to consider the ‘how’ to improve skills of students in terms of communication skills, surgical skills, procedural skills. At the same time, how do you bring in clinical reasoning in them?  You also have to see what the society is needing in terms of patient safety, quality and the way patients are getting it today. We need to align both the things together.

The first step is to understand what the new generation patients need, what is the new technology and the ‘what’ is really required? Once that is done with the perceptions of the faculty and the graduates and the practitioners, we need to change our curriculum and the training and the experiences of students towards that. That means we have to use our secondary hospitals or private hospitals, our communities to make students learn. At the same time we have to really see that their practical experiences with the reflections rather than only theory papers.

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