Free Automation in Educational Institution amid COVID19: Admission24

Free Automation in Educational Institution amid COVID19: Admission24 is intended to bring all the offline operations online to smoothen the admission cycle besides all the panic prevailing due to COVID19.

Admission24, a 2019 edtech startup,  has launched free automation services to educational institutions across the country to fight the admission crisis and operational challenges caused due to Covid019. This in a way reinforces the company’s digital way of operationalizing the educational institution to ensure unaffected and smooth functioning of the ecosystem despite such difficult conditions. 

 Considering the advisory given by the Government of India to ‘maintain social distancing’ with various educational institutions declaring close down, this hopefully will smoothen the overall productivity amid COVID19. Admission24 has already enabled more than 50,000 educational institutions with an automated admission process during the corona outbreak

Admission24 is digitally transforming all key functional services provided by any educational institutions like fees payment, admission inquiries, purchasing books and study material, interaction with top management/teachers to ensure quality. This hopefully would reduce the chance of COVID-19 crisis affecting admission prospects for colleges and schools.

“COVID19 paramedic is both a healthcare and an acute economic challenge. At this time, when the majority of schools and colleges are shut and unable to function for a long time now, we want to help them to ensure that engaging parents and students in no time is a solution provided by our platform. Now parents and students can seamlessly avail all the services of any educational institutions irrespective of their current location.”says Abhinav Sekhri, CEO& Founder, Admission24 said

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