“We need to have incubators in technologies like AI, 3D printing, IoT & Bio informatics” T. V. Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education

AI, 3D printing, IoT & Bio informatics” T. V. Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education

• What should be done to focus on micro entrepreneurship in smaller towns?

Smaller towns have a challenge because there is not a critical mass in many of them. So, I think in smaller towns you have to create groups led by people like TiE. They must meet and then Government should give them some small grant to start up their enterprises. Then a lot of young people with brilliant ideas in smaller towns will come in. You must call them for a challenge. And the best five ideas should be given grants of 10-15 lakhs to start those enterprises and then you must connect them to mentors, you must connect them to angels, bring them on platforms like “Lets Venture” and bring them for events like TiE, socialize, what they do and Develop IT. And then in their big colleges there, we need to have incubators in artificial intelligence, 3D printing,  IoT, and in bio informatics, etc. So through incubators they will learn how to use a new technology and then you must get good speakers to come to them and essentially socializing, incentivizing and creating the excitement.

 • What have been the benefits of the Digital Education Stack?

Digital Education has brought the best content, the best learning to students all over the world. So you can go on the Internet and listen to lectures from the best professors on any topic of your choice, you can do courses that you do not get in India and our colleges. And you can talk and interact with various forums. We discuss big issues. You can read the latest research. So technology has opened up the world for students to learn to ideate and to dream.

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