AI can improve Indian education

Chandana Pai – The future of AI in India is pretty bright mainly because the way I am seeing the proliferation of AI in most common things that we do., It is soon going to be a mainstay in whatever we do.

Huang Zhiyong – Firstly, AI is one of the 10 pillars of computer science. Secondly, machine learning is part of AI and since deep learning is in machine learning that means in short it is AI. We have a multidisciplinary AI program which is a collaboration of the School of Computing and our school. This is called the Master of Science on Business Analytics and professors of the two schools teach in this master program. The students also do projects for four months in top industry organizations. From this program, we try to add value to the students so that they can work in organisations.

India has a huge population especially the young generation but unfortunately not all of them have the best education resource. But India has a lot of good teachers who can spread education resources to the people. This can be done better through AI.

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