The Launch of a master’s degree program in Core Hospitality at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education rolls out an ambitious action plan as a result of which the entrepreneurs and hospitality leaders of tomorrow will get trained.  The vision behind this initiative is an intention of developing the position of schools and refocus all its academic courses on the digital economy. This initiative carries the rolling out of a new master’s degree covering strategy and digital transformation in the hospitality sector.

The Les Roches as a brand in the digital era

Hospitality as an industry is going through a digital transformation. The major players have got themselves evolved as intermediaries besides their traditional hotel business. New disruptive operators are taking their share of smart moves to shaken up the market.

Almost all areas of hotel management including client acquisition and retention are covered by these players and their technologies. The unification of this value chain will keep up accelerating with blockchain, AI, food technology and specialist start-ups.

This digital era is witnessing a change in the jobs in the hospitality domain in an unmatched rate. Only individuals that fit in to the new generation of highly qualified, techno-intelligent managers get the new job opportunities because they can supposedly conceptualize and utilize the digital platform at its best to reach and satisfy customers.

Since the current trends in hospitality and digital knowledge need to be followed, Les Roches took this initiative to reestablish its educational programs in all the three campuses located in Crans-Montana, Shanghai and Marbella.

For the repositioning of the brand, the school is going to carry a new graphic identity comprising of a clean logo, an iconic design and a unique website. Providing the skills and confidence to the entrepreneurs, future leaders and visionaries which they need in order to shape the world of tomorrow is its major Hallmark.

A master’s degree in strategical hospitality and digital transformation

Les Roches is known to have breaking records by rolling out the first ever master’s Program entirely dedicated to hospitality strategy and digital transformation. A 30-year-old veteran of the hospitality industry, Scott Dahl will lead the graduate program. Scott Dahl is popularly known in the US for holding several corporate level positions in Revenue Management. He is reportedly also the founder of a Revenue management software and service provider.

This Master’s degree program in Hospitality Strategy and Digital transformation will begin in September 2020. Consisting of three semesters, this degree course will be devoting one semester to an internship or a business project and the other two semesters dedicated to coursework divided into three modules-

Advanced reading of the latest digital technology trends and tactics: Business Analytics, Value Creation, Database Management, Performance Measurement, AI, a decoding bootcamp to involve the students more into the world of coding

  • Strategy development: Sustainable Business Strategies, Channel and Demand Management, Revenue, New Business Models, Advanced Digital Marketing and a business field trip for studying the start-up and digital ecosystem in Paris.


  • Behavior connected with the digital transformation of organizations: Multicultural Leadership, Applied Project Management, Talent Management, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Service Excellence and Personalization, Customer Experience, Change Management.

This Master’s degree program is accessible to all the folks influenced by the digital era and its impact on the hospitality domain. It trains the students in a way that they can have a successful career in business strategy or entrepreneurship, focusing more on the transformation of business models and the latest opportunities brought by digitalization, such as revenue optimization.

A healthy step towards education

Les Roches is going to be a platform where digitalization would benefit the teaching process. A value proposition to customize training will be offered by the Digital Technology which would eventually make the learning process more interesting and interactive.

Connected Technology and Solutions should be given all the credits for students getting to study anytime, anywhere according to their lifestyles. Students will get the access to a portfolio of online courses and support services as soon as they join the program and this service would continue till, they complete it. Even the alumni will get their accesses to the new portal so that the link within the highly interdependent community is a

strengthened at Les Roches.

This initiative of the course launch is an example of the updated positioning of the institution. The vision is to match the new demands of this generation in the digital era.

Les Roches is a private institution which was founded in 1954 based on the Swiss Model of experiential learning. This institution is known for preparing entrepreneurial and innovative graduates across Switzerland, Spain and China through its UG and PG program in the fields of hospitality management’s, tourism and events.

Les Roches is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and, according to the QS World University Rankings 2019, is ranked as the world’s third best higher-education institution for hospitality management.

Les Roches has been given recognition by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). It has also been ranked as the world’s third best institution for higher education in hospitality management by the QS World University Rankings.

Les Roches is a part of an Educational Group, Sommet Education which covers hospitality management and culinary arts and belongs to one of Europe’s main listed investment companies, Eurazeo.

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