SAP & Mahindra Plan Unnati for Nanhi Kalis

SAP India’s Code Unnati has joined hands with Project Nanhi Kali to provide quality education and digital access to over 11,000 underprivileged girl children by 2020.

SAP India runs a programme called ‘Code Unnati’, which was launched in 2017 and has already provided employment-led digital literacy and software skills to one million adolescents in the country. It has set up about 500 centres to facilitate the initiative.

Project Nanhi Kali was founded in 1996 by Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra and had till date, supported over 3.75 lakh girls across India by providing them with academic and material support. It is jointly managed by K C Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation.

Code Unnati, SAP’s flagship initiative, equips youth and children with quality STEM education and digital literacy. The focus of the training module is to impart digital literacy and foster the female workforce. Code Unnati will work with Project Nanhi Kali to further enhance the digital learning platform. Further, the collaboration aims to create girl-friendly ecosystems, provide access to quality education and sensitise communities toward the importance of girl child education.

Further, the collaboration aims to create girl-friendly ecosystems, provide access to quality education and sensitize communities toward the importance of girl child education. This partnership contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of – No Poverty, Quality Education, Decent Work & Economic Growth, and Partnership for achieving the Goals.

The support provided under this partnership would include-

  • Academic support centers with trained tutors focusing on interactive and concept-based learning
  • Piloting the digital literacy curriculum soon along with quality education
  • Regular assessments and efficient tracking of attendance
  • A school supplies kit consisting of school bag, shoes, notebooks, stationary and feminine hygiene material
  • Community & parent sensitization

Together the programs will provide support across the nation including places such as Maharashtra (Mumbai), Gujarat (Bharuch), West Bengal (Darjeeling) and further expand training to 5,000 girls in high need areas of Karnataka; and 1,000+ girls in Shravasti and Varanasi regions in Uttar Pradesh, thereby educating 11,275 girls by 2020 in the age group of 5-15 years.

“Our collaboration with Nanhi Kali will help girl students to be digitally ready and empower them to bring about a positive change in the economy,” said SAP Labs India Senior Vice President and Managing Director Sindhu Gangadharan. She added that while women account for nearly half of India’s population, only 25% of the workforce is female. Citing reports, Gangadharan said a 10% rise in girls going to school could increase the national income (GDP) by three percentage points.

“The Mahindra Group is strongly committed to the cause of girl child education and empowerment which we believe can have a transformative effect on the future of India. The partnership between Project Nanhi Kali and SAP India will help take this noble cause to the next level with the support of advanced digital technology. I have been advocating ‘Corporates for Change’ and the multiplier effect it could bring when like-minded corporates come together. This association is a classic case in point.” concluded  VS Parthasarathy, Group CFO and Group CIO, Mahindra Group.





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