IIT Students Invent Device to Improve Driving Comfort

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have created an intelligent sun visor that can enhance driving convenience on sunny days by monitoring and blocking the point of highest glare automatically. The students of chemical engineering at IIT Gandhinagar also submitted a patent for the electronic device called Sun Protect.

Using suction cups, Smart Visor is connected to the dashboard and driven by a USB charging port. It has a tiny core room with sensors, a microcontroller, and an electric motor. An extendable arm made of transparent material passes the filter to follow the sun rapidly and smoothly. When the unit is not in use, the arm readily folds away.

“Our invention actively monitors the sun and places a tiny light-filtering material disk on the windshield’s brightest region, intercepting sunlight before it hits the driver’s eyes. “The filter is small, semi-transparent and discreet, and it blocks sunlight without darkening the remainder of the view of the windshield or the driver field. This enables much higher visibility than other alternatives such as sunglasses (which reduces all light) or conventional vehicle visors (which totally blocks a part of the windshield),”said one of the two students, SouritraGarai.

The duo came up with the product at “Invent@IITGN,” IIT-Gandhinagar’s six-week annual summer program. In its second year, the program focuses on inventing a similar program called “Invention Factory” in the United States.

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