Edmentum Acquires Calvert Education Services

Edmentum, an online course, curriculum and evaluation provider for K-12 and adult learners, has
acquired Calvert Education Services, which provides home school online programs and other digital
tools to help home learners.

Edmentum has a long history and includes a collection of decades-long acquired tools and services. It
dates back to 1960, when a computer-assisted learning software was developed by scientists at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, then called PLATO Learning. The Bloomington-based
business has bought competing tools and services over time, gone public, and is now privately owned.
EducationCity, Reading Eggs and Study Island are its flagship products today, and Edmentum claims to
serve 40,000 colleges across the U.S.

Calvert Education Services goes even further back to the founding of Calvert School in 1897. In 1906, the
institution started providing home school families with lessons and later created a distance learning
company. In 2013, an investment group led by Camden Partners Holding purchased this company.

Today, Calvert claims that more than 600,000 learners across over 90 nations access their virtual K-8
academy and internet educational software. According to the declaration, Calvert's curriculum suite,
lesson plans, evaluations and other materials will now be available through Edmentum 's EdOptions

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