Automation is Creating New Jobs and Displacing Old Ones

Tech giant Amazon recently announced its plan to upskill its employees, at least 100,000 of them. Boosted by tech leaders like Amazon, the demand for technology-driven positions and lower demand for labour-intensive employment is constant. But that’s just part of the tale— individuals who understand how to apply technology to company requirements will be in demand.

Its fastest-growing high-skilled jobs include data mapping experts, information researchers, solution architects, and business analysts, according to Amazon. But demands for jobs such as logistics coordinators, process improvement managers and transport specialists within their customer satisfaction network are also increasing.

According to a McKinsey study, “The coming wave of automation will impact some of the biggest occupational categories in the U.S. economy, such as office assistance, food service, manufacturing, and customer service and retail sales. Nearly 40 percent of present U.S. workers are in occupational categories that could shrink between now and 2030.A common thread among shrinking roles is that many routine or physical tasks are involved. No community will be immune from automation-related displacement because these roles are spread across the nation.

The report identified the following jobs being displaced:

  • Office support -8.1 million jobs displaced(US)
  • Food service -5.4 million
  • Production work -4.8 million
  • Customer service and sales -4.0 million
  • Builders -2.2 million
  • Business/legal professionals -2.1 million
  • Mechanical installation and repair -2 million
  • Managers -1.4 million

Occupations poised for growth in the 2017-2030 period include the following:

  • Health professions +48%
  • STEM professions +37%
  • Health aides, technicians and wellness +30%
  • Creatives and arts management +21%
  • Business/legal professionals 20%
  • Managers +18%
  • Education and workforce training +17%
  • Customer service and sales +10%
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