Estimation of fall in the global funding trend in EdTech sector

Post its growth from nearly $208 million or Rs 1,450 crore in the year 2017 to $655 million or roughly Rs 4,500 crore, in the year 2018, global funding trend in the educational technology sector in India is reportedly estimated to fall to $133 million roughly, or Rs 911 crore, in the year 2019.

Of Rs 911 crore, investments that costs $55 million or Rs 375 crore, has already come in so far this year. In order to have research in the EdTech sector, a report considered companies offering several apps,products, educational resources, and tools in order to enhance teaching practices and learning outcomes, providing solutions for administration, teaching, learning management, and IT infrastructure.

In 2018, funds worth Rs 3,815 crore came, at the late stage. Whereas, Rs 485 crore in the early stage, Rs 200 crore in the seed stage. However, till now the same, has been around Rs 212 crore, Rs 54 crore and Rs 109 crore, respectively.

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