Alexa is Now a Teacher for Students of Maharashtra Village

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant has become popular with rural kids owing to its upgraded software with an Indian accent.

Now, the learners at the Warud School of Amravati Municipal Corporation (AMC) in Maharashtra ask their questions on subjects, and it answers them spontaneously. In reciting poems, she joins them and participates in other vocal activities.

What’s more than that? They are even able to see her. The school has an Alexa mannequin, wearing glasses, dressed in jeans and sweaters.

Alexa will repeat as many times as a student wishes, like no other human teacher, as they can learn without fear of judgement. And guess what, they’re not scolded by Alexa.

“Most of our students are from neighbouring slum fields and they were thrilled to see a robot in their classroom,” a faculty member Pooja Sankhetold The Times of India, who was awarded the National Innovation Award.

Adopted from the concept of ‘Sophia,’ the world’s first AI robot with a citizenship, the move helped learners brush up their vocabulary, decreasing internet reliance.

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