NIIT Launches “Future Ready Talent” to Train Youth for Jobs of Future

NIIT Limited announced ‘ Future Ready Talent, ‘ an initiative aimed at training Indian youth to aspire to future employment. In addition to their periodic educational curriculum, aspiring applicants can follow these future-ready programs.

As part of this initiative, in the month of July, NIIT will perform national seminars at 26 centers in India. These seminars will witness the deliberations of effective rulers from various areas that will motivate the youth and make them conscious of the significance of future-ready professions in the new age.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report disclosed that digital technology employment will grow from 17% in 2018 to 33% in 2022. It is also probable that the increasing interaction between humans and machines will result in 75 million employment being generated, while 133 million new roles may arise that are more suited to this model. In search of trends, it can be said that in the future the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will trigger an enormous demand for qualified workers for businesses.

NIIT provides new age programs in line with these trends, in Digital Marketing and Branding, Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling, Full Stack Product Engineering, Banking and Finance, and Accounting & Business Analytics.

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