Coding Game KODA – A Platform to learn

Next Education India offers subscription of the game-KODA at Rs 1,500.

The world of coding is attractive to the young ones. Next Education India has grabbed this opportunity and launched a block-based programme. KODA, a coding game has been designed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the age group targeted for this game is of 9 to 13 years.

KODA is a platform which allows the children to design their games on their own in a playful method. This would make them learn about the process of coding and gain fluency in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

KODA provides 40 learning modules and more than 12 programming concepts. Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO and CO-founder of Next Education, Beas Dev Ralhan reportedly said that these learning Modules cover STEM and programming concepts.

According to him KODA acts as a guide for students and help them perform better in science and mathematics by covering more than 80 activities, quizzes and challenges around 50 and many more tasks around programming. These challenges and activities are not solely designed to assess their learning but also help in strengthening the applications of the concepts.

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