Gaming is no more limited to fun – It’s an industry and it has career opportunities to offer

It has been a long journey since games were made PC generic. CD ROMS were used to install the heavy files in order to provide the gaming experience. It’s a completely new era where games do not rely on computers, in fact now is the time to experience gaming on your fingertips with just a bit of space and in a matter of moments. The gaming industry has now turned to be one of the fastest growing industry in the world and it has certainly come a long way from where it began.

Considering the rate of development and innovation taking place around the gaming world, this growth seems to be unstoppable. Userbase in terms of new gamers have only increased in the past decade. New applications and innovations have been flooding in the market and this rate at which technology is growing is bringing more opportunities for more games. Some of the games event went viral due to their features. The innovative ideas behind the games have given rise to its extensive use. In fact, a good idea is all that it requires to beat the role of graphics and its heavy processing.

Short, easy, compelling and time-efficient gaming experience is something that can drive the entire gaming industry towards the small screens of mobile phones with its easy to use features. One such gaming giant is Funnearn. Of course, a gaming feature which can make one-win real money is bound to be loved by people and hence it is widely accepted and gained a lot of attraction. A gamer can earn pocket money while having fun. This couldn’t have been better.

The increasing base of gamers and the growing trend of the upsurge of the gaming community is being continuously observed by YouTube and other social media platforms. The urge of performing better and experiencing better is the reason behind this userbase and the exponential growth in the fan following of the trending gamers. Even the live streaming is gaining attention in a way it has never received before.

Evolving gaming communities, competitions and events like Electronic Sports World Cup, ESL India Premiership Winter LAN and World Electronic Sports Games in China have added up to the scope of being a successful gamer in the industry. Gamers like Ankur Diwarkar, Bhavin Kotwani, Sagar Vyas, Ishan Arya, SimarSethiare few trending names in the gaming industry in India.

The kind of experience the industry has delivered in recent times seems to be making the user base quite happy. The growth in the userbase is expected at the same pace though the industry aims to develop and offer the user base with even better gaming experience and further enhanced content.

The significant impact that the existing mobile gaming industry has made is noteworthy, but the industry is still expecting to experience the highest boom of success and looking forward to more of innovation and development that technology can offer.

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