Goa Schools Directed to Discourage the use of the app tiktok and PUBG

Schools in Goa have been directed to discourage students from downloading video sharing app Tik-Tok and multiplayer combat game PUBG on their phones. This order has been passed by the education department of the Goa government as these apps have been creating a “safety and security” issue for children in the state.

The heads of educational institutions were issued a circular by the department which said “the action in time may be of great help in saving some lives.” The circular got issued after the recommendations for the protection of child rights which were made by the Goa State Commission these directions were issued. This particular circular was signed by Director, Education Nagaraj Honnekeri. It said that meeting of parents teachers Association should be called by the schools for creating awareness about the apps and games which create safety issues in children lives.

Due to the addictive nature of Tik Tok and PUBG various concerns were raised and the Madras High Court had imposed a ban on these apps as a result of this petition. The petition claimed that an app which runs around making and sharing of short videos can easily make pornographic content. However later the ban got lifted.

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