Are YOU a Data Scientist?

Let’s do a quick test so that you start leading towards your answer. Please review these images and answer the following questions for yourself.

  •         What are your thoughts about these images?
  •         Have you come across such scenes in real-life?
  •         What has been your immediate feeling about it?


If after observation, you started to count/predict the number of chairs or the pillars in the scene, you have the knack or the aptitude to become a Data Scientist. In short,

  •         If you are a person who loves numbers, right since childhood,
  •         If you start “evaluation” as soon as you look at a bunch of numbers (or such patterns),
  •         If you add-up numbers of a vehicle registration plate (numerology inclined!),
  •         If you total digits of your phone number or bank account number, and
  •         If you are able to correlate a series of numbers with ease…

You can become a Data Scientist.

The reason is simple! You are already a lover of numbers and when the raw data gets converted to information and gets utilized for ANY purposes, it needs wisdom. And this wisdom to constructively read the information comes from the affinity/love towards numbers. In short, it has to be aptitude and love for numbers.

Taking it to the next level, let’s dig deeper into the game of data. Consider the data structures, databases that we have studied, the structured layout of the data, the meticulous way of using relevant names to the columns, the normalization (and denormalization) techniques and all the basic and advanced stuff you accomplished with data. All of it was not as simple to few whereas, to many it was a piece of cake. Why so? I will attribute this quality to the love of numbers and numerical aptitude.

Further, there was always a need to predict well. Even astrologers use math, latitude-longitude, positions of the stars and the time of events, to make predictions. Technology has made it easier to make calculations faster. The field of computers was always tending towards intelligence and that was artificial and hence AI, as we know today, has always been there. What got added to our aspiration (as inquisitive humans) is the Machine Learning. That has boosted the demand for math-ready (math lovers) team for the right insight (right eye) for the data.

Do you think that you have the aptitude and the needed LOVE for the numbers?

If the answer is affirmative, you are surely fit as Data Scientist. When a high percentage of content on the internet revolves around Data and you find a craving for jumping into the bandwagon, just think it over and evaluate for yourself if you “love” Data. Do you see the above image with a context of data than spirituality? Make a decision, thoughtfully…


Author –

Nitin Bawsay
Student – Coach – Focused on Leadership

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