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Telangana adopts BLOCKCHAIN FOR SMART Education in the state

A blockchain policy has been drafted and released by The Telangana Government. The government has also stated that this policy is supposed to be finalised and implemented in a month.

This implementation would make Telangana the first state in the country to have its own blockchain policy.

This policy aims at making Hyderabad one of the top 10 ‘Blockchain cities in the world. With this concept of turning Hyderabad into a blockchain district, Education sector can benefit in many ways, such as

#1: Stopping Fake Certification

We must acknowledge the fact that fake certification can endanger many lives.

The use of blockchain technology can stop all the fakes. The blockchain can be used to ensure all educational certificates are true before any professional is licensed or any employer hires.

#2: Less Paperwork

If an area gets paper free and paperwork gets eliminated it’sawonderful advantage. Nevertheless,schools’institutions are the ones which have papers upon papers and this issue have got administrators going crazy.

How ferocious it would be to see that how many trees gets butchered for the paper in school systems alone.

The use of Blockchain technology can help paper data to be stored and pulled up in a minute’s notice.

#3: The Ability to Use Cryptocurrency to Pay

Be it books, tuition, tutoring or any need that requires an investment, education systems could tokenize easily and provide students and/or parents the opportunity to pay via cryptocurrency.

This can help with the paperwork issue and helpwith maintaining blockchain records of payments.

#4: Copyright Protection

Many educators are interested in sharing their intellectual creations, but whenever a different person claims it as their own and tries to sell it, they find this to be a problem.

In this era of worldwide internet, this creates a huge problem. It is very common these days to find an article a writer worked hard on, copied under another person’s name as the author.

Blockchain can ensure the ownership of the intellectual property of an educator. Even If they want to sell, it remains under their name.

#5: Collaboration

It is to be remembered always that children are our future and it hardly matters what colour or culture they are from. The collaborating process helpsall of them learn and grow together.

For instance, South Korean, Finland and Canadian schools have been well ahead of United States schools.A South Korean educator, with the help of blockchaincan share what has worked so well for him/her with educators worldwide.

A vision of developing a talent pool is the goal of this policy. It envisions Telangana Academy to provide skill and knowledge delivering courses to students.

A collaboration between the government and the industry is also expected in order to establish a training and certification agency within the state for up-skilling and re-skilling of the workforce. Subsidised rates will be applicable on office spaces for start-ups working on blockchain.

This policy would focus majorly on financial services, banking, insurance (BFSI), logistics and supply chain, public sector and pharma and Healthcare.

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