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Cyberbit Announces Enhancements to Cyberbit Range that Personalize and Scale Cybersecurity Training and Education

Cyberbit, today announced enhancements to Cyberbit Range, the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform. With this release, Cyberbit has introduced virtual instructor functionality and new training content that enables enterprises and academic institutions to deliver a richer, more personalized, and scalable training experience to cybersecurity practitioners and students.


“We are seeing a continued shift in cybersecurity training and education from theoretical, to hands on – simulated practice. This generates an unprecedented demand for our Cyber Range,” said Adi Dar, Cyberbit CEO. “With this new release our customers will be able to perform large-scale training sessions using an AI-based virtual instructor, which can evaluate SOC teams and students with greater accuracy and objectivity while a making training and assessment more measurable than ever before.”


The new version of Cyberbit Range features:


Virtual Instructor – an AI-powered instructor which assesses trainee performance throughout the incident response process. The virtual instructor evaluates the quality and relevance of evidence collected by the trainee, their progress in detecting, responding and remediating a threat, and, for red teams, their progress in completing their mission. The virtual instructor provides trainees with continuous, automated and accurate feedback about their performance.


New Attack Scenarios and Training Modes – the new release adds over a dozen new training scenarios reflecting most recent threats, as well as new training modes including capture the flag, war games and freestyle attacks.


The new scenarios provide a richer training experience that enable cybersecurity practitioners to experience true-to-life simulations of the most recent threats and improve their ability to address them. They include large-scale exercises and competitions designed to train a variety of students:  hands-on analysts, executives, offensive and defensive teams — on both individual and team skills.


“We were expecting the MDC Range to be popular but the demand we’re experiencing for hyper-realistic, simulated training from both MDC students and the professional community has exceeded our expectations,” said Mr. Antonio Delgado, Dean of Engineering Technology and Design at Miami Dade College. “These new features are timely – they support the ability to scale training initiatives while enriching the experience for all students.”


The new Cyberbit Range will be generally available on June 15, 2019.

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