The Future of Online Learning – Part 1

Apprentices expect systems and software to fit a busy lifestyle and career needs. For many, it is not always practical to sit down and take notes from books for hours at a time. Instead, learning providers need to recognize more versatile approaches that deliver burst knowledge and support around the clock. Let’s look at the major trends in technology that will in the near future impact workplace learning.


In the world of work–Learning and Development (L&D)–and schools across all age groups, microlearning is becoming increasingly popular. Microlearning modules give students the opportunity to learn a small amount of useful information about a particular subject in schools and through eLearning courses. It is a great way to contribute to larger subjects or ensure that in non-core topics they have earned credits. Microlearning provides professionals with the knowledge they need when they need it in the world of employment. It saves time for everyone and improves ROI. People have less and less time to get their jobs done in today’s fast workplace environment and thus even less time for training. Using microlearning to address current issues can provide employees with the skills they need at this particular moment to help them do their jobs more effectively.

Video Modules

Similar to microlearning, the video is an increasingly popular way to deliver online courses. A wide variety of topics can be delivered this way, provided you have the internal resources to deliver. Divide the complex into video modules of bite-size, direct learners to other resources and support classroom or online sessions.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the most practical and useful way for learners and tutors to be tracked. These systems are spent on more by schools, colleges and even employers, with the market expected to exceed $ 22 billion in 2023.

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