Eternal eLearning Trends That Have Stood the Test of Time

It is said that education is the slowest sector to catch up with emerging technologies. However, it has made a fair share of development and eLearning has made great progress. Some of the eLearning trends have truly stood the test of time. Let’s take a look at them:

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Flash’s already dead. This is a ferocious truth. But it didn’t die suddenly. Not long before, Flash was the gold standard of eLearning courses, but that was before the magic of HTML5 was realized by eLearning professionals. HTML5 made it possible to play audio, video, 2D/3D graphics and animation without a plug-in. It also provided hardware access, offline storage, and cloud-based applications that were supported. But the clincher was the fact that it was automatically responsive to any eLearning course made! That hastened the imminent doom of Flash. So what about all the Flash courses created? Would they be useless? Fortunately, no.It was found that Flash courses could be converted to HTML5 courses, and so the Flash to HTML5 conversion trend began, which is still a big thing today. There are several providers of eLearning solutions that offer Flash as a service to HTML5 Conversion.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

It was SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) that started the trend of eLearning APIs by allowing the sharing of training and training content with other SCORM compliant systems. xAPI, also known as the Tin Can API as well as the Experience API, succeeded SCORM. Basically, these programs have built-in instructions for applications to talk to each other so that the content is compatible and independent of the platform. xAPI or Tin Can has been considered an improvement over SCORM as it allows learners to collect data online and offline while helping track learner progress and use content through a variety of software suites, in addition to some other features.Also nowadays, APIs have become essential, but it wasn’t long before they were considered merely a new-catched trend.

You never know which trend of eLearning to stay here, so never knock one until you’ve tried it.

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