eLearning can Make Creer Change the Normal

Transitions in the career are now the norm. A career change doesn’t have to be difficult or scary with eLearning, a little help from family or friends, and a well-thought-out plan. There’s a way to make a successful transition, and it all starts with knowing what you’re looking for, understanding your passions, and determining what the change entails, such as acquiring new skills, which can mean returning to school full time or taking classes on the side.

Self-improvement is a character trait that hires managers who love job seekers and your ability to demonstrate a willingness to improve can define your career’s trajectory significantly. Fortunately, the acquisition of knowledge and skills development is not confined within a physical classroom’s four walls. With eLearning, it is now possible to take short courses, even degree/diploma courses (which you don’t necessarily need when changing careers, by the way), anywhere, at your convenience.

If you plan to use eLearning to make the switch, here are a few places to check out to prepare for the leap.

41 classes you can take to advance your career

Online courses which are free in the fields of online marketing, graphic designing, programming, entrepreneurship, communication, and writing.

10 worth-it online courses for mid-career professionals

Salary negotiation, meeting management, setting SMART goals, building a personal brand, MBA concepts, salary negotiation, resume makeover, productivity, and advanced management training.

Career development training and tutorials

Learning paths include review preparation, supply chain, and operations management, building business relationships, productivity, career management as an introvert, cover letter writing, everyday tech questions, persuasive coaching, retail sales etc.

LinkedIn Career Development

Short courses on achieving your goals, strategic thinking,  communication, leadership, talent management, business etiquette, business writing, influencing others, writing a business report, email writing, etc.

Alison Career

Certificate courses available include  Six Sigma, social work studies, human resources management, time management, communication skills, achieving personal success, tourism, quality standards, understanding dyslexia, mental health, and illness, inventory management, food safety and hygiene etc.

edX Professional Development Courses

Organizational leadership, becoming a CEO, soft skills, evidence-based management, innovation, leadership in the digital age, English for business networking, etc.

Udemy Career Development Courses

Competitive advantage, leadership, success formula, programming, real estate, becoming a C-level executive, professional networking, business analysis, getting your dream job, yoga teaching, blockchain, etc.

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