How to Foster Interpersonal Skills in Online Training – Part 1

A cold, isolating place can be our modern workplace. Team members, if not oceans, separated by offices; the traditional working day extends to cover different time zones. Less cash for face-to-face gatherings floating around. In general, fewer interactions with other people. Yes, it is positive to hire the right person for the job irrespective of the location. But if we do not use the online training resources that we need to help bring people closer to each other, then disengagement is inevitable. eLearning is one of the modern personal development’s building blocks. While training, why not allow individuals to simultaneously develop their interpersonal skills?

Using the full range of available online training resources, we can better connect our employees. People can still come together and feel like they’ve had a positive and rewarding experience, even online. It connects them when people share an experience, any experience. If you’re focusing on creating immersive, exciting online training, you’re giving people something to talk about. In online training, there are different ways you can foster interpersonal skills.

Allow virtual teams to work together

Online training workshops are a great way to recreate an online training classroom environment. To give everyone a voice, use your video conferencing and messaging tools carefully. To help people feel comfortable joining in, include games and challenges. Before and after the online training workshop, create a buzz on your social media and encourage participation.

Provide simulation opportunities to represent real-world situations

If you are unable to personally test their skills, simulation provides a broader real-world experience for corporate learners. In a safe environment, it allows them to try out different options. We encourage deeper interaction if we can allow more than one corporate learner to access simulation at a time. Think of it as an online game that incorporates learning.

Connect online training to social media

Some people are still very reluctant to engage with others using company social media platforms. It’s a vital skill in a global environment. An excellent starting point for connecting online is eLearning. Be specific about how you want social media to be used by corporate learners. To help raise completion rates, ask people to provide feedback, find internal experts or promote the online training course to others. You should also appoint a moderator who will be able to keep an eye on the online discussion and ensure that everyone respects the perspectives of peers.

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