Mistakes that could Doom your IT Career – Part 2

As you sail across the office floor, you probably don’t see them, but there are virtual banana peels everywhere. If you’re going too fast, if you’re holding your head too high, if you’re losing sight of the ground, you’re going to slip. IT careers are undergoing a major transformation; they are no longer easy. Business technology’s speed of evolution is simply mind-numbing. Managing an IT career is, therefore, a task requiring diligence, investment, and care. Besides that, you also need to watch out for some of the lesser-known errors that might slow your IT career growth seriously. This guide is our endeavour to help you avoid these errors. 

Taking a promotion that’s essentially a career change

What! What! What! Is it a mistake to take a promotion? Not often, but it can be a mistake for sure. Consider the case of a competent developer who has an entry-level management role (with an accompanying role-based salary correction), just for him or her to realize that they don’t have the basic German management framework, and miss those days of deeply engaging developments badly! This happens every hour to dozens of people across the global tech market. You’re not that person. The solution is to negotiate for the corresponding wage hike for a more complex role within the same career path when you are offered an iffy promotion (which is essentially a career path change). For instance, our advice to all tech employees— try out a management experience at least once in your career as it will broaden your understanding of how tech companies work. This must be a conscious decision, of course.

Pursuing ‘greatness’ when ‘good’ is good enough

For obvious reasons, it could be lethal for anyone’s tech career to stick to a particular module within an application ecosystem or to fix on a particular development language. The implications are going deeper. Every technology you engage in also comes with its latent cultural aspects— for example, Java’s object-oriented approach compared to JavaScript’s loose coding principles. Changing the cultural context is also a challenge for someone who has invested too much in a single tech paradigm. Building a certain level of skill in a stack is much better, and then start learning a different stack instead of pursuing greatness in a single stack.

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