Most Promising Computer Science Jobs for the Next Decade – Part 2

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on computer technologies and IT plays an increasingly important role in our lives, computer science is becoming increasingly specialized. In a sense, it is going through the same process as other sciences as they became increasingly complex. The difference is that it took decades and even centuries with them, while new fields and areas of expertise appear every couple of years with computer science. Being an IT specialist is no longer enough — a person who is willing to build a career in this field must choose which specialized sphere she will be working in, and it is not an easy task with a rapidly changing industry landscape. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising computer science jobs you can use as a road map to steer your career over the next decade. 

Project Management

IT is increasingly becoming a team-oriented industry as agile methodologies are becoming the pillar of those working in this field. IT project managers supervise the work of a team of programmers and analysts to ensure that they remain on the course of action chosen, deliver results on time and do so in a coordinated way. As IT projects grow in scope, there will also be an increase in the need for experienced specialists capable of maintaining effective collaboration among many individuals, creating many new job openings.

The IT sector has never grown as fast and promising as it is today. The variety of options open to anyone willing to pursue a career in this area is mind-boggling – and a choice you are making right now can define the direction your life will take for a very long time, so be careful.

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