Key Skills to Grab a Machine Learning Job in 2019 – Part 2

Machine learning is one of the IT industry’s hottest new trends right now, and it’s all set to gain prominence in the future tech industry. With different companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google rolling out their own developer tools, the interest and commitment of developers are at an all-time high. Machine learning projects will increase dramatically in the near future, leading to job growth, according to 96 percent of professionals. This means that as long as you have the necessary skills, you can apply for a lucrative machine learning job. The question is, what does “necessary” mean when it comes to cementing a promising career and actually getting a job in learning machine? While the machine learning scope is vast, by upgrading some specific skills — some basic and some not – so – basic, you can find success. Let’s see what it’s like. 

Always stay updated and relevant

Machine learning differs significantly from other technology avenues. How do I do it? Well, this technology’s growth rate is impressive. The scene is often exploding with new methodologies, libraries, algorithms, techniques, and paradigms. That’s why you have to learn to stay up to date all the time. Subscribe to the best tech blogs, read research papers, and follow technical conferences are a good way to do so. At the same time, bear in mind that industrial applications are influencing the growth trajectory of machine learning. So you can manage the demands and requirements of this industry depending on the type of projects you select and the effort you put into learning new trade tricks and tips. This will help develop a career in the field of machine learning that is well-paid, fulfilling and growth-focused.

Perform data modelling and evaluation

You need to assess a specific model’s efficiency on an ongoing basis. You must select the appropriate error measure and accuracy based on the tasks you have at hand and implement an appropriate evaluation strategy.

Understand distributed computing

A machine learning job involves working day in and out with enormous volumes of data in more than one case. This data cannot be processed with a single machine right now; the right way would be to distribute it across a whole cluster. Projects such as Apache Hadoop and Amazon’s cloud services such as EC2 simplify the process and make it much more cost-effective.

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