The Culture of Agriculture can now be practiced over an App

Since Farmers being the closest to Nature, they have tried understanding it all through their proximity and relationship with nature and based on which they strategize their farming. While sometimes they do lose everything as they face adverse and harsh impacts of climate change, yet they fight and manage growing crops for survival.

The age-old saying “Knowledge is Power” has now become “Information is Power”. Technology has made it easier and the new innovations and methods have helped in massive increased production.

The farming scenario is being changed with the help of IOT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Even Bangladeshi farming is gradually getting impacted in a very positive manner with the help of technology. There’s now present an app which allows the farmers to enjoy the benefit of digital platform and learn about crop production to marketing by smart agriculture. In fact, Government has also developed some apps to deliver the app-based agriculture services at the doorstep of the farmers. Field level farmers are still not familiar with such apps and nevertheless information on such apps are limited too.

The fact that matters however is the journey of app-based farming which has started in our nation. APublic-private joint initiative has been taken for a new app named “Fosholi”. It provides timely and reliable information to agricultural equipment traders, small-scale farmersand agriculture extension officers.

The android app can be used on smart phones by the farmers to receive information services. Here strikes a question that how a farmer without a smart phone will can enjoy this service. However, the answer is that Fosholi is not just an app but a digital platform. Farmers can send an SMS or make a call to avail these services. The main idea behind this app is to deliver diverse information and technology information to the farmers which can also be fulfilled by making a call or a text. In 12 districts all over the country training on the use of Fosholi is being provided.

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