CBSE Shiksha Vani: An app to keep you up to date on just a tap

An app has been launched by the Central Board of Secondary Education yesterday for all the stakeholders. The board shared an official circular which confirmed that the evaluation process has already been started for the on-going CBSE Board Examination 2019. In fact, in the podcast app of the board, the guidelines for the evaluation process has already been uploaded. This app has aptly been named CBSE Shiksha Vani.

To facilitate dissemination of important information in an accessible and easy manner for all is the main purpose of this app. This app is now available on Google Play Store and it would have all the important announcements by CBSE, recent circulars and other relevant information.

However, Stakeholders, will be able to only view information relevant to them. For instance, guidelines for board exam 2019 answer sheets can be accessed by only the evaluators and examiners.

This App is easily available on Google play store with the same name CBSE Shiksha Vani. However, it’s still not available on App Store/ IOS users. To stay up to date with the board the app can simply be the best way.

In order to provide ease of access CBSE has been constantly taking various steps and Shiksha Vani is one of them. The board highlights in a circular that oral information sharing has a better reception and better implementation. The podcast app has thus been launched to enhance the information sharing network.
As far as the evaluation of answer scripts is concerned that this year Board has scheduled strict timelines for evaluation, and this has been confirmed by reports from examiners. Examiners who have been assigned with the duty of evaluation are mandated to clock in certain number of hours positively. They must dedicate eight hours for the evaluation process every day. It has been shared by a Head examiner that the schools have been sent strict notices and instructions to ensure that teachers are made available for evaluation process.

These steps are being taken to ensure that the evaluation and the results does not get delayed. The CBSE officials have confirmed that there are plans being made by the board to release the results before the last year dates of results.
It was last year that Delhi High Court had directed the board to ensure that class XII CBSE results are complete in all respect which includes the declaration and revaluation process that too before Delhi University admissions are commenced. Delhi University admissions have been the primary reason why CBSE board examination started by Feb 15 this year.

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