Best Sources to Learn Blockchain Technology – Part 3

Google search for Blockchain has risen 1900 percent since 2013, and more so in the last two years. Considered one of the hottest technologies on the market, Blockchain is on the edge of transforming how we all interact in the digital world. But what are the sources to learn about it apart from Google? Let’s take a look at some of them:

The Complete Guide to Understanding Blockchain

Written by Miles Price, the Complete Guide to Understanding Blockchain explores the different ways in which Blockchain technology will change the way information is shared across the world. It also discusses how Blockchain technology how governments will adopt Blockchain to issue digital versions of their national currencies and how it is going to revamp financial services. Moving out the realm of interesting, this technology has grabbed the spotlight as a practical and necessary tool to facilitate information sharing.

The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology Hardcover

Authored by William Mougayar, the Business Blockchain discusses how blockchain technology will give rise to new business models and ideas that are as yet undiscovered. The book is a perfect read for technologists to better understand the business potential of Blockchain.

The Book of Satoshi

Blockchain has made cryptocurrency a viable possibility due to the close linkage of blockchain technology and bitcoin. This book offers readers a chance to peruse the writings of the mysterious creator of Bitcoin known as Satoshi Nakamoto.However, no one knows whether it belongs to an individual or a corporation or that if this name is real or a pseudonym. Much like its cryptocurrency creation, the Nakamoto persona exists virtually,present only through online publications. Including the original paper detailing the idea of Bitcoin, the Book of Satoshi is a definitive collection of Nakamoto’s essential writings.

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