How Machine Learning Will Revolutionize the Education Sector – Part 2

Machine learning is defined as Is defined as “a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn”. Getting used to machines having the ability to think and learn is giving a hard-time to old school educators. Suggestions on machine learning going to revolutionize the education field usually falls on deaf ears. But they will have to come to grips with this new reality, sooner or later. 

Let’s talk about certain ways machine learning will revolutionize the education sector:

Adaptive learning – In the form of adaptive learning, machine learning can be used to remediate struggling students or challenge gifted ones. A technology-based or online educational system, adaptive learning analyzes a student’s performance in real time and modifies teaching methods and the curriculum based on that data. As an example, think of AI meets dedicated math tutor meets personalized engagement.

Personalized learning – In the form of personalized learning, machine learning could be used to give each student an individualized educational experience. Personalized learning is an educational model where students guide their own learning and at their own pace. Sometimes they make their own decisions about what to learn. If a classroom incorporates personalized learning, students choose what they’re interested in, and teachers fit the curriculum and standards to the students’ interests.

Assessment – In the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning can be used to grade student assignments and exams more accurately than a human can. Although it may require some input from a human being, the results will have higher validity and reliability.

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