How Machine Learning Will Revolutionize the Education Sector – Part 1

Machine learning is defined as Is defined as “a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn”. Getting used to machines having the ability to think and learn is giving a hard-time to old school educators. Suggestions on machine learning going to revolutionize the education field usually falls on deaf ears. But they will have to come to grips with this new reality, sooner or later. 

Let’s talk about certain ways machine learning will revolutionize the education sector:

Increasing efficiency – In the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning has the potential to make educators more efficient by completing tasks such as classroom scheduling, management etc. As a result, educators are free to focus on tasks that require a human touch and cannot be achieved by AI.

Learning analytics – In the form of learning analytics, machine learning can help teachers gain insight into data that cannot be gleaned by using the human brain. As a result, computers can perform deep dives into data by sifting through millions of pieces of content and make connections and conclusions that positively impact the teaching and learning process.

Predicative analytics – In the form of predictive analytics, machine learning can make conclusions about things that may happen in the future. Using a data set of middle school students’ cumulative records, for example, predictive analytics can tell us which ones are more likely to drop out because of academic failure.

Keep watching this space for more.

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