EduTech in India will See Tech-Enabled Advances in 2019 – Part 3

Education in India is ready to witness tech-driven innovations in 2019 in the way kids learn and are educated. How children will learn in school or at home will largely depend on educational platforms catered for their engagement. Here are some important EduTech trends of 2019.  

More Skills Training Capsules to Grow in Tier 3, Tier 4 Cities in India

The market for online education in India has a positive outlook in Tier 3, Tier 4 Cities with the introduction of many encouraging government policies in India for 2019. Skill training capsules will allow for skill development and eventually sustained employment, seeing a major upsurge in 2019.

Short Term Courses Rule the Roost

Short term courses in the world of EduTech are going to see a huge boost as people are increasingly looking to squeeze the maximum amount of juice out of their existing skills. These courses are low in terms of investment of time and money and add a new proficiency to the student’s skill-set.

In a short amount of time, these courses allow the student to dabble in multiple training and learning courses that suit their existing profession.

To summarize, the goal should be to push students to go beyond fact memorization and embrace a conceptual understanding of the material. Additionally, educators should foster a collaborative culture in the classroom itself. Installing the technology in classrooms is not the end of the process, it’s the very beginning.

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