New Technologies in Edtech – Exam Management Revolution and Virtual Reality

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and collaborate. Although education is lagging in terms of technology adoption, it is a tool that can change the world in a positive way by eliminating current barriers of providing quality education to all across the world.

Our educational institutions still conduct examinations in a traditional manner with exam centers, exam invigilation, answer sheet evaluation etc. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring a lot of changes in current exam management. With AI-based proctoring or auto remote proctoring, institutions can conduct exam without any need of infrastructure or logistic, enabling students appearing for exam sitting at any location. Using advanced video, image, audio streaming with intelligence, system can track and monitor remote user to do analysis if the student is appearing for the exam in a fair manner.

This service is currently adopted and implemented successfully by higher education institutes and universities for conducting entrance exams and has helped them to remove infrastructure requirements and huge administrative cost of managing such exams. In the coming days, AI-based Remote Proctoring is going to be in demand in the coming days.

Extremely popular in gaming, the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) is now becoming cost-effective. Many other sectors including education have started using VR for critical things. Knowledge retention is lowest when it comes to classroom-based lectures. However, it improves drastically in case of audio/ video/ visuals.

The science behind it is that when the user mind is able to see something in action, its retention is better. VR provides an opportunity to see something as well as experience it. A user usually needs to wear 3D-glass and experience something as if the person is standing in front of that event/ scene etc.

VR implementations targeted specifically to education training would see good growth in the coming years and the educators should not ignore this technology for sure.

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