Online Education in India

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and collaborate. Although education is lagging in terms of technology adoption, it is a tool that can change the world in a positive way by eliminating current barriers of providing quality education to all across the world.  

While things like ticket booking, watching TV shows, ordering food etc. have all become online, education is still behind in terms of online education delivery. The rapidly increasing number of internet users with an increase in the smartphones has provided a good opportunity to deliver education online. Working professionals are especially taking interest in online education to learn new things and technology.  Organizations like Byju are emerging to target online education. As per reports from KPMG and Google study, online education in India is likely to be 2 Billion USD industry by 2021, around 28 Crore students are expected to be enrolled to schools by 2021, and more than 75 Crore Indians would be using internet (second Highest behind China).

2019 would see an increase in online education and it’s aligned services. Online education is useful to remove the barrier of classroom-based learning as students can easily revise key subject/ topics. As we move forward, internet penetration in rural India is also increasing leading to the popularity of mobile app-based services like WhatsApp and YouTube. The scarcity of quality teachers in rural India makes rural students look forward to consuming digital education in the form of videos and documents.

K12, Higher education and Professional Education are the 3 key Segments for digital education. Executive management courses and adaptability for professional education is on the higher side as many working professionals opting for the courses which they can easily learn and subscribe sitting at office or home. Higher education in the form of online certifications or value-added certifications are becoming popular in the college-going students, targeted to improve the employability of the students.


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