Promising EdTech Trends for 2019

People in the community of education industry have seen technological changes over the last decade. Change is the only constant and what’s interesting about technological changes is that it develops at an even more rapid pace -a vital reason contributing to the big advancements in the learning space. It has led to changes in the way how schools operate and how teachers and students interact. 

As we begin a new year, let’s dive in to give a glance at the promising technological trends which are expected to collectively change the way students learn and teachers teach this year.

Computational Thinking, Coding & Robotics Will Grow

The increasing popularity of the maker movement and robotics is giving rise to coding, coding programs and programming. All these topics are interconnected as most of the maker activities are run through coding. One can see on careful observation that there has been indeed a rise in the range of coding activities and programs which keep a focus to include activities for students of all ages, even the youngest learners. There is a growing realization that by integrating coding across subject areas can help to stimulate computational thinking. Hence, coding will move towards becoming the new literacy.

Gamification to Continue Penetrating the Learning Process

The concept of gamification in education is understood as applying game-like principles to a system in order to drive its interaction level and appeal to those using it. Introduction of gamification has also led to whiteboards and tablets becoming standards in the classroom in recent time. Gamification is finding a ground in the learning space because it not only increases the interactivity level of students with content but also provides both context and outcome to a student’s understanding and knowledge. Additionally, it helps to improve retention and comprehension rates.

Keep watching this space for more.

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