Introducing Edtech in School – Accessible Data Mining

In the education world, a new school year signals new beginnings for students and teachers as well as for those working behind the scenes. We’re looking forward to exciting advances in educational technology (edtech) that will be rolling out soon to classrooms around the world as we gear up for the 2018–2019 school year. New edtech pieces inevitable come with their own learning curve. How can educators prepare to use these new tools in the midst of meeting new students and planning lessons? A little prior preparation can ease the transition.

Educators now have more ways than ever before to collect data on the learning process and predict their students’ future needs, thanks to the rise in education technology. Various new educator tools have emerged to help educators collect and analyze student data, all in one integrated system. It takes time to become familiar with new procedures, although these programs are designed to make life easier for educators. With this in mind, here are a few tips for educators navigating new data mining programs:

Two-pronged training: Educators need technical proficiency as well as data proficiency. Despite knowing how to analyze and use raw data, educators still need support to understand how to use new grading software or analysis programs.

Incorporate user-friendly guides: To show educators exactly how to interpret the data and analysis offered by each program, use screenshots, resource guides, and tutorials. Staff should have a ready reference for common questions, troubleshooting, and instructions for next steps.

Build in time to use and analyze data: Only 23 percent of educators have dedicated time in their workdays to view student data according to the ISTE report. When learning a new data system, educators need time to work with the program and use it to its fullest potential.

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