The Increasing Bandwidth Demand for Edtech

The demand for broadband to support school or college consume more of the institution’s bandwidth capacity is increasing, as teachers, staff and students bring more of their electronic devices these institutions. Since many institutions are limited in what they have available and cannot provide sufficient bandwidth for teaching and learning, access to affordable internet connectivity or broadband is a continuing struggle for K-12 schools and post secondary education.

By completing the following actions, educational boards can realize the full benefits of evidence-based decision making:

  • Developing online instruction and online assessment for use with state readiness standards and testing programs.
  • Building instructional collaboration between K-12 and higher education, especially in STEM areas, as well as collaboration with peers and experts around the globe.
  • Implementing internet-based tools that provide live, streaming video or audio of teachers in their classrooms to allow evaluators to observe teachers and assess their effectiveness.
  • Providing cloud-based services for securely storing and accessing high quantities of instructional, administrative or research data.
  • Supporting new or improved instructional models such as flipped classrooms, adaptive learning courses, digital content, gaming, simulations, virtual and personalized learning models.
  • Providing online postsecondary degree/certificate programs, with all the attendant advisement, registration, library, and student support services, including artificial intelligence for personalized learning and tutoring.
  • Providing university access to high-powered computers and databases for research.
  • Implementing internet-based applications to manage campus security, energy and telecommunications to achieve cost savings and greater safety and security.
  • Accommodating student-owned devices (Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD) so that students can integrate their technology into academic learning environments.
  • Increasing use of sensors and devices, known as the Internet of Things.
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