Khan Academy Takes on Civics and History

For students in K-12 and higher education, the Khan Academy has launched a new series of videos focused on civics and anybody else interested in learning how government works in the United States. The videos feature news media celebrity and presidential debate moderator John Dickerson along with academy Founder Sal Khan. The videos feature lively conversations about U.S. government, its politics and history and also include little-known anecdotes from the nation’s past. The discussions also shed light on the reasons behind changing of American institutions.

Posted and available for free on Khan Academy and YouTube, the first five videos in the new series run from one minute to six minutes long and include captioning, cover:

·         An introductory video to the series

·         The reason why people should study U.S. history, government and civics

·         The increasingly politicized Supreme Court

·         Change in the role of the president

·         Changes in media influencing the national discourse.

The videos appear alongside academic content in three courses on Khan Academy: U.S. Government and Civics, U.S. History, and Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics. As per Khan Academy, our history is filled with great personalities and transformative struggles and the stories of our past can help all of us better understand what’s happening today. Over the course of time, new videos will be added to the collection.

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