How To Use Technology With English Learners

When it comes to learning, the right mix tech tools and teacher direction can unlock a world of possibility for the English Language Learners (ELLs). ELLs can establish a foundation for learning a second language using integrated technology used appropriately in classrooms. The technology isn’t just another activity in a series of lessons, it has the potential to drive learning and carry students to successful language mastery.

The tech keys that unlock the door these learners include:

Simple instruction


Learning a new language can be overwhelming. Imagine feeling like you’re drowning in a new language, but you have no way to ask for support, hence the instruction should be clear and simple.

Vocabulary tools that engage

ELLs learn new vocabulary from explicit instructions. Additionally, many promising tech tools exist to help teachers provide vocabulary instruction that engages students in the learning process.

Videos that showcase authentic English conversations

ELL students immerse into a world rich with language with the help of videos. Not just vocabulary, but students also learn the nuances of language and culture norms when having conversations.

Interactive language lessons

It can be difficult for a teacher to accommodate the needs of every child in the ELL classroom to practice their reading, writing, and speaking skills, but technology can help students with their practice. For example, students can work on reading fluency with the use of computer programs that measure prosody and comprehension.

Google it

Google Translate can scan and translate the printed text once you focus the camera lens of your phone or tablet on it. ELL learners don’t have to wait for a translator. They enable them to learn independently.

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